Sunday, August 29, 2010

No excuses

Way back when I first wanted to join a gym, I asked a friend who was a gym rat about membership fees. But instead of telling me how much he was paying he brusquely told me to forget about joining a gym if I was only going to visit it once or twice. I remember feeling extremely pissed off with his answer and thinking that he was one heck of an arrogant schmuck.

Of course, I went on to join a gym and enjoyed it immensely. I went to the gym religiously and relished the sense of accomplisment it gave me. However, I began to understand why my friend was acting like an arrogant schmuck.

Not many people are like me. The desire to hit the gym was not something temporary - which is the case for a lot of people. He may have 'lashed out' on me out of frustration of seeing so many people wasting their money for something they hardly use.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that the desire for change comes from within. You must be internally motivated. You can buy all the motivational books the world has to offer, you can buy all the fitness equipment your bank account can afford you, you can hire the best personal trainers but if there is no fire within you, your change for the better will only be shortlived.

Why do you want to lose weight? Why do you want to lead a better lifestyle? What's in it for you? Or are you doing it for someone else? Is there an ulterior motive?

The desire for change must be profound enough that you will not give up when faced with the smallest of obstacles. Too many times have I heard excuses.

The gym is too far away.

It's hard to find parking.

My schedule does not permit.

There was an emergency.

You'll drive the distance if you want to. You'll look for parking dilligently until you find one. You'll make time. Emergencies don't happen all the time unless you're Clark Kent, Peter Parker or Bruce Wayne.

Don't sell yourself short. You should treat yourself better.

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