Monday, August 8, 2011

I would do anything, but I won't do that

I am a Malaysian. And you know what that means: I love food. Take into account that I used to study in Kedsh where delicious and cheap food are in abundance, and a foodie is born. Being a foodie and a fitness junkie sometimes do not bode well. The fitness junkie in me would go "tsk tsk" when I indulge in 'sinful' food like pizza and waffle topped with ice cream and strawberry sauce. The foodie in me would say "awww come on girl, live a little!".

The foodie always wins.

This doesn't mean that I eat junk all the time. Quite the contrary, actually. I tend to love wholesome food. They taste better than junk food, anyway. But I am not one of those people who go on a carb free, sugar free diet. Sorry, I love food to much to ever subject myself to such torture.

Would I love to get myself a six pack? Sure. But if it is at the expense of the food that I love, then I would be more thsn happy to just settle with my fairly flat stomach with some muscle definition.

I know I won't grow fat and flabby as long as I eat clean food most of the time. I may not look as athletic as those crossfit chicks or those sexy fitness models. But heck, I don't look that bad myself... Maybe a bit on the skinny side. But not too shabby I must say.

There are sacrifices in being a fitness junkie that I am willing to take, like reducing my late night partying and socializing so that I can spend more time training. But the one sacrifice that I am not ready for is eating bland boring food most of my life. Heck, Malaysia has too many delicious food. To not eat them is a sin, in my opinion.

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