Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Mass Gaining Strategy Post Raya Hols

I have lost the war against mass loss.

My clothes are wearing me.  And I'm around 5kg lighter.

"Arghhh!!!" you say....

Arghhh is a good way to describe it.

2 years ago I would've panicked and hired myself a personal trainer.

But now I know what to do regain the lost mass.  It would be hard work.

At present, I have stopped my training.  I'm planning to shock my body to build muscle faster by letting it become 'complacent'.  By the time Raya hols are over, I think even 70% of 1RM lifts would help rebuild lost muscles.  Of course, this will only happen during the initial stage.

And I would have to eat A LOT.  That shouldn't be a problem.  Empirical evidence has shown that I tend to devour almost anything in sight during the holidays.  Cool thing about being an ecto is it would work to my advantage.

So yeah.  Just keep it simple.



Fairly easy to do, I reckon.

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