Monday, September 12, 2011

The 48 Kilo Curse

I was making such good progress.  From 45kg, my weight surged to 48kg and I believe they're mostly mass, not fat.  And as always, when I reach the 48kg mark I fall sick.

Maybe it's just a coincidence.  There's a bug about town and it doesn't help that it's been hazy as heck in the Klang Valley.  Combined with the fact that I am susceptible to colds and flu, it's only a matter of time until I catch the darned bug.  It's pretty bad this time.  I haven't had asthma for ages and yesterday alone I lost count on how many doses of ventolin I took.

Worst part is I've lost weight again.  Sigh.

Back to square one.

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Mohd Shahril said...

i think some people do fell sick when they are gaining weight as if the body are 'protesting' against the new mass.

I have one male client that whenever he gain a good significant amount of mass (he's skinny) he will get sick even though he took lots of vit c.