Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Improving my grip strength

I did squats and deadlifts for tonight's training.  Based on my training log, it seems like I have made some progress... which is good.

For deadlifts specifically, I am pulling well below my 2RM.  For now I'm pulling 58kg only.  But I don't actually plan to improve my deadlift numbers.  My goal is to improve my grip.

Basically, I plan to pull strictly using the double overhand grip.  I've had enough of having a pussy grip.  I've had enough of using straps.  What's the point of lifting 73kg with the aid of straps?  It doesn't mean crap to me.  I am ashamed to have to use straps.

It's double overhand or nothing.  The reverse grip may be used.  But sparingly.  To complete sets when the double overhand grip can no longer be sustainable.

And I am quite confident that I will have no problems hitting my current 2RM (using straps) anytime even if I have not been pulling nowhere near it in recent times.  I don't have studies to back it up, but instinct tells me that if I improve my grip strength substantially, then the rest of the body will follow.

Perhaps its a stupid theory.  But someday soon I'll test it out and see whether I am right.


Mohd Shahril said...

yup its true. the stronger the grip, heavier you can pull. what you can do improve on the grip is when you are doing deadlift, wrap a towel around the bar so that the bar become ticker. you may cant deadlift as heavy but it will train your grip. and do the plate pinch.

KevL said...

Grippers, Aizan, grippers! :P