Tuesday, September 6, 2011

My Post-Raya Training Programme

Okay.  As you know I lost about 5kg during the fasting month.  I stopped training for 2.5 weeks and have started my workout routine starting this past Sunday.  I've written a training programme for myself.  It's a 5-day  plan but note that the plan includes recovery workouts.  So it's basically 3 days of barbell training and 2 days of  recovery workouts using bodyweight exercise.

My programme goes like this:

Week 1
Sunday: Squats, OH Press
Monday: Pushups, BW Squats, Leg Raise
Tuesday: Squats, Deadlift
Wednesday: Pushups, BW Rows, Leg Raise
Thursday: Squats, OH Press

Week 2
Sunday: Squats, Deadlift
Monday: Pushups, BW Squats, Leg Raise
Tuesday: Squats, OH Press
Wednesday: Pushups, BW Rows, Leg Raise
Thursday: Squats, Deadlift

Repeat between the 2 workout sets accordingly.  I reckon I'll be using this programme for 8 weeks.  Notice that I excluded my kettlebell swings.  At least for now.  I gotta concentrate on rebuilding my muscle mass first.  Once I think I'm 80% there I'll start swinging again.

Also, I know my programme doesn't look like much.  I like to keep it simple.  And I notice my body responds better if I just do 1 or 2 basic exercises (but of course you gotta go heavy... that's a given) per training session.

On another note....

I've never been very organized.  Lots of things I do I just plan it in my head and execute as I see fit.  I know it's bad because what I think I did may not be what I actually did.  It's best to have black and white.  So beginning this post-raya workout I am FINALLY logging my training sessions.

One good tip I learned from reading Convict Conditioning is to note down how I feel after each workout (e.g. I started struggling in the final set of my deadlifts/My squats felt really good after the second set onwards).  This way I know where my sticking points are and what I should concentrate more on.

On yet another note...

My legs are damn sore after not squatting for almost 3 weeks.  It still felt sore (or perhaps felt even worse) after I did my recovery workouts yesterday.  I was foolish enough to start my warmup set using the barbell.  It didn't feel good at all... after 1 rep.  So I re-racked the barbell and started with a few reps of bodyweight squats first.  Then only I started with the barbell warmup.

I'm happy to report that I felt so much better and managed to pile on slightly more weights then my previous session.

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Mohd Shahril said...

love the blog new look. Ganaz.
Yup, starting back after puasa and raya binge is hell.you feel like you are a beginner again. But its a good thing though. you will rebound back faster to your old strength level maybe in 2-3 weeks (in my experience). And i notice i will gain more muscle after puasa.