Saturday, September 3, 2011

I don't do planks no more

I no longer think doing any variation of planks will work your abs.  I mean, it does work your abs but I have discovered several moves that would smoke them harder if not just as hard.  And it's not as boring as doing the plank.  Yes, I find planks boring.

Okay... here's my list of stomach cramp inducing ab exercises:

  1. Pushups.  Don't  splay your legs.  Keep them together.  It will make it your core work much harder to keep your body in a constant straight line.  Plus, it works your pecs as well as your triceps.  Talk about being efficient, huh?
  2. Leg raises:  You can do leg raises while lying on the floor or hanging on a pull up bar.  If you think you're too macho for leg raises then you might wanna try the dragon flag ala Bruce Lee.  I'm still not up to that standard yet, though.
  3. Pullups/Chinups/Bodyweight rows:  Again, your core plays a major role to ensure that your body is propped up effectively.
  4. Turkish Getups:  Done correctly, this will totally kill your abs... and your whole body.  Expect expletives to involuntarily spew out of your mouth when doing this particularly exercise.
Anything else you wanna add to this list?

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Gym.Hodgson said...

Burpees; 100 reps ladder style 1, 2, 3 up to 10 then back down to 1.
5 minutes & it's workout done.