Saturday, March 17, 2012

Back from Tioman

Just arrived!
It was a pretty fabulous holiday. The view of the island from the plane was simply breathtaking and tugged at my heart strings. For someone who can't swim that well, I am very much a beach baby. There's something about the sea that commands respect. But at the same time I somehow feel strangely safe getting myself acquainted with salt water.

It rained all day the first day I was there. I got very restless in the room and started to do bodyweight exercises much to the chagrin of my friends. They said I was acting like a spoilt brat, throwing a tantrum at the grey skies. Hm.

Happy to frolic at the beach
But the second day was simply heavenly. It wasn't raining and the sun wasn't too harsh even at noon. We swam all day. At the pool as well as at the beach. I am baked. Didn't bother to put on sun tan since the sun wasn't looking very threatening. But still... I got baked.

Oh, I checked out the gym. They actually didn't have a good selection of dumbbells. They have that all in one weight machine thingy and several treadmills, but not much of a dumbbell collection. But it was fine with me since I got a whole load of exercise swimming all. day. long.

Uhh.. strike a pose!
But I saw a funny sight. The weather was lovely. The beach was inviting... yet there were people walking on the treadmill which was facing the beach.. Sheesh. You're on a beach vacation. Walk on the beach for goodness sake. No point going nowhere fast indoors, don't you think? Humans are funny creatures.


AcikTanpaNama said...

aku save gambar ko yang melompat tu..hahahahah. Dem..jeles. Amp nak ajak gi pangkor. DOnt know la when.

matt said...

Nice pics. Keep up the good workout.

Aizan Suhaira said...

Nani: ok gak pangkor. Tapi kalau nak tunggu cuti sekolah mesti mahal :P

Matt: thanks!