Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Swimming! Lesson 1

So I went for my first ever swimming lesson last Sunday. I was nervous as heck and was very very close to chickening out. But with a bit of prodding (I was basically laughed at by my friend for thinking such a ridiculous thing) I just went for it.

It didn't help that the lady manning the place was kind of unfriendly. No smile, no nothing. But at least she allowed me to change the time of my lesson to later in the afternoon for the remaining of my lessons. So it wasn't that bad.

Ok. The lesson. It was quite predictable. First my instructor Ellie (friendly gal... Made me feel at ease immediately) taught us to feel comfortable in the water and made sure we are relaxed and are able to float.

Then we started kicking our legs to get across the pool but without using our hands to paddle. We had the aid of a 'mini board' thingy to help us float. And before I know it, I was able to swim free style.

She hasn't taught us the breathing techniques yet though. Hopefully that will happen in the next lesson.

The 30 minutes was quickly over and I am really looking forward to my future lessons.

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AcikTanpaNama said...

Good for you Aizan!! Can't wait to swim with you, with the stamina that you have..yeah I have to be prepare to be kick on the ass by you.