Sunday, March 18, 2012

Swimming updates and coaching cues

Three swimming lessons later and I am now able to swim at the deep end of the pool. This is quite an accomplishment for me as I never EVER swim where my feet can't touch the surface. It took half the lesson for my instructor to make sure my strokes (free style) and breathing technique was up to par.

I had trouble perfecting my breathing technique. That was what was holding me back. After a while, I finally got it and that was after the instructor gave me coaching cues that made me finally understand how to coordinate my body which then made me feel confident enough for me to swim across towards the deep end of the pool and back. Yeay.

It made me rediscover the importance of good coaching cues. Good coaching cues improves a trainee's learning curve and body coordination. In the realm of weightlifting, it could even prevent injuries, not to mention increase the weights that can be lifted.

It's pretty unfortunate that not many trainers are able to give good coaching cues though.

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