Monday, March 12, 2012

I am going...

... for a holiday in Tioman this Wednesday and I am obsessing about:

1. How bloated my tummy currently is since I am nearing thw time of the month and water retention is my bitter enemy (my swollen boobs look bigger though. Ok. Too much info)

2. How am i gong to fit in my training session. Will the gym have decent enough equipment? Although quite frankly I just need a decent selection of dumbbells. The rest I can substitute with killer bodyweight exercises.

3. My pre and post workout meals.

4. Whether no.2 & no.3 would actually matter. I might just have a bit too much fun u der the sun to care. Which brings us to no.5...

5. Will the sun shine?

Oh screw it. I am just gonna wing it and not think too much. I shall have myself a great holiday.

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