Friday, June 18, 2010

Barbell Complex

In anticipation of the arrival of my barbell, I've been looking at various barbell complex workouts. As I've written in my earlier post, I'm not used to barbell exercises because I don't have a barbell in my arsenal of home gym equipment. Even when I was a member of a commercial gym, I didn't use barbells because I was intimidated by it.

But I know that having a barbell is pretty much necessary if I'm serious on gaining some serious strength. So invest in one I did and it's arriving this Sunday. In the meantime, I've been surfing YouTube looking at various barbell complex workouts.

For those not in the know, a barbell complex is a series of lifts using the barbell done back to back. You finish one type of lift then you move on to the other. Non-stop. You're done with the workouts fairly quickly as witnessed by the vids below.

Make no mistake, though. It's brutal. In a fun way. Makes a great finisher after a training session.

Like Mr. Ballantyne says... this is a great alternative for interval training. I'd do complexes any day over cardio. It's much more interesting.

Mr. Ferruggia completed this finisher in a minute! Bloody hell!


FatLouie said...

The 2nd vid is crazy man! Gila! Speechless!

Oh ya! Maybe you can try do the Crossfit type - thruster then pull ups. :)

FatLouie said...

oh! and take pic of your BB once it arrived today ya??

Aizan Suhaira said...

Apa itu thruster? Need to look at it in youtube. And I'll upload the BB pics in FB and this blog :)

FatLouie said...

check this out : I think you have watched this before. It's the first exercise (before the pull-up). I think they called it Thruster. jealous with the short-hair girl in black outfit.....