Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Received: True Mass - Chocolate flavour

Yup, it only took a day for Fitnutritions to deliver my tub of True Mass to me. I had it sent to the office and my oh my, it received quite the attention. One colleague loved the red-coloured tub. Yet another one was amazed at how huge the tub was. Me, I am just pleased that it arrived on time.

As usual, I'm writing an entry right after a workout. Also had my chocolate protein shake. Tastes pretty darn good although I've to admit that I like the strawberry flavoured shake better. And is it me, or is the chocolate shake richer compared the strawberry-flavoured one? Hmm...

Oh well, whatever it is... I'm good to go for another 2 months at least. And the next time round I'll make sure I have proper planning in place when it comes to ordering a brand new tub of protein.

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