Sunday, June 20, 2010

My barbell has arrived

Mwahahahhaa... It's finally here. My 6ft barbell and pair of 5kg plates (non-rubberized). Been testing it... I did some front squats, back squats and thrusters (thanks for the vid, Adeline). Neat stuff! Best part is I can use the plates from my dumbbells and put it on my barbell so deadlifts and squats can be more challenging because let's face it... a pair of 5kg weight plates don't add up to much.

Perhaps if I come into some extra cash I'll buy myself a pair of 10kg plates after this. Woohoo! But I have a feeling my cleaners will have a tough time moving all those weights out of the way just to mop the floor.

Screw it. Will cross the bridge once I get there.

1 comment:

FatLouie said...

u tried thruster?? how was it? difficult? well it's part of crossfit's exercise, and since u already have attended foundation class at pushmore, i'm sure you know the basic of doing thruster already. Interesting, interesting.

Confirm will buy...haha!