Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Diet Observation

I am back from a very enjoyable holiday in Kuching with a bunch of my buddies. And in a typical holiday, I threw my diet to the wind and didn't hit the gym. But in my defense, we did a heck of a lot of walking and the food we ate was really good.

About the food. As most of my regular readers would know, I have pretty bad eczema and my food intake is pretty much restricted. Shellfish (i.e. crabs, clams, prawns) are out of the question and there is only so much dairy products that I could tolerate.

Funnily enough I ate prawns and crabs in abundance when I was in Kuching but my skin didn't act up at all. My theory is that the food was so fresh that there are hardly any toxins that are often associated with shellfish. Which is why my skin didn't act up.


As a hardgainer I can easily get away with eating stuff like pizza or a McD burger on a fairly regular basis without receiving any sort of punishment (read: get fat). Therefore I always eat these high-calorie food as its easier to meet my daily caloric needs. Keep in mind that my objective is to gain mass.

The only setback with this diet regiment is that I feel pretty sluggish putting in that much junk in my tummy. Then I noticed that my energy levels are better when eating nutrient-dense food (like spinach and even ikan keli) although to total caloric intake is much smaller than say... a McDonald's value meal.

This is all good news for me because I honestly feel like puking whenever I get a fastfood overload. Give me nice, warm, 'real' food any time.

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