Sunday, May 8, 2011

Omigod... this is far worse than running, dude!

Woohoo!! My kettlebell has arrived and I've finally taken it home with me yesterday. It's supposed to be a rest day for me today but I wanted to give my kettlebell a testdrive. I actually ordered an 8kg kettlebell but the good people at Pushmore ordered a 12kg for me instead. They said that I'd easily outgrow an 8kg kettlebell so it's best to get a 12kg one instead.

It's the same price, so I don't have any issues. So took it home, I did.

Today, after waking up so early in the morning and having had breakfast, I decided maybe I should see what kind of challenge this lil cannonball of mine can provide me with. This was what I did:

2-hand kettlebell swing x 15
Pushups x 15
2-hand kettlebell swing x 15
Goblet squat x 15

I only did a single round. One. And I'm sweating like a pig and whimpering like a baby. Guess I'm extremely de-conditioned. Will definitely incorporate more kettlebell work in future.

p/s I consider my home gym complete now.


Uncle Lee said...

Hi Aizan, not sure you still remember me, but I remember you, ha ha.
For a moment I thought you bought a kettle for boiling ayer, ha ha.
It sure looks heavy.
Please take it easy, ya....jangan overstrain....had a friend who got one, she pulled a muscle.

Have fun, stay young.
Best regards.

Aizan Suhaira said...

Hi Uncle Lee, of course I remember you. I'm glad you dropped by.

Don't worry, I'm always careful when I train. It's better to be careful than not to be able to train at all because of injuries.