Monday, May 16, 2011

Updates on Development (Redundant; I know)

Well I am happy to report that I weigh 49kg and filling up in all the right places. I am feeling stronger too. Granted, my progress is not as fast as fellow fitness junkie Adeline (you can read about her progress here) but like she said: "it's not a competition. We progress at our own pace."

I shall TRY to take those words to heart. But knowing how antsy I can get, I'll be trying my darnedest to catch up.

I am deloading on my overhead presses. Working on technique, mostly. I'm just doing 5x5 with a 20kg barbell only. Feels good. Wrists need to be a whole lot stronger, but I'm getting there.

Squats... I'm progressing from 43kg to... wait for it... 44kg!! Yeayyyy!!!! What a huge progress, huh? Again, I am working on technique. I'm pretty confident I can progress to 45kg come the next squat session.

As for deadlifts, I'm doing pretty okay I guess. 3 sets of 5 reps of 65kg. Will hit another session with the same set and rep scheme and then try to increase the weight.

Diet wise, this is what I've been eating:

Breakfast: Disgusting, fried stuff. I get an egg for the protein.

Lunch: Rice, Vege (usually spinach), Fish (oily ones like Ikan Keli)

Pre-Workout: Soy Milk + Cashew Nuts

Post Workout: 2 bottles of Soy Milk (equivalent to 18 grammes of protein)

Dinner: Pretty much whatever I want

I was a bit apprehensive about taking soy milk at first. But it seems to work for me. I don't get any skin inflammation like I do if I drink dairy milk. It is pretty filling so I need some time before I eat my dinner. Other than that, soy milk is pretty okay.

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