Saturday, May 14, 2011

More rants about trainers

A good friend gave me a call the other day. Said she was about to meet a trainer (she lives in Melaka, so trainers are pretty much scarce) that would help her lose weight. I'm always wary of trainers. I personally think most trainers out there teach a whole lot of bull. Of course, there are the occasional trainers who know what they're talking about but most of them talk crap.

Take a look at the trainers of the Biggest Loser fame (doesn't matter if it's the American, Australian or Malaysian version), they're all teaching crap. They're doing more damage then they're doing good (if any).

Anyway, back to this so called trainer my friend was meeting. Oh by the way, she was calling me while waiting for the trainer to arrive. He was already 15 minutes late. Wow, very professional. Great first impression. Absolutely fabulous. Anyway, these are the things that she told me:

  • Training will be held at a pay per entry gym (RM5 per entry) - fair enough
  • Training will last 2 hours - you're trying to make a sedentary person train for 2 hours. That is stupid. It's gonna give a negative psychological effect to the trainee. 2 hours is way too long. The trainer obviously has never heard of cortisol.
  • Fee is RM50 per session (0r RM25 per hour I presume) - way too expensive. I wouldn't part with a dime if I were my friend. Why would you pay people to teach you crap?
Probably some would argue that this trainer may not be certified hence explaining his utter ignorance and lack of professionalism. I have personally met trainers who are 'certified' or graduated with at least a Sports Science diploma.

They're still stupid as heck.

Not saying I'm better (well, perhaps I am... who knows?) but in my defense, I am pretty much money-motivated. I am NEVER gonna part with my hard earned cash and give it to some delusional prick who thinks that he knows what he's talking about but in actual fact know squat about... well, squat.

I say screw these fake trainers. At times it's better off to research and train on your own.

p/s be wary of trainers who advocate corn flakes. Corn flakes are high GI (i.e. 'fast burning' carbs) hence not advisable to be taken for breakfast. They're probably ignorant or have been paid good money by the corn flakes company (i.e. he's sold his soul to the money making factory)


Mohd Shahril said...

its hard to find a decent trainer let alone a good one. One tips for hiring a trainer: ask other clients of the trainer, meaning word of mouth. thats how we know he or she is good or not.

wow, rm50 is quite cheap. in KL usually goes up to rm200. the cheap ones are rm80.

ArsheedA said...

hahahahaha...gud one beb! abisla lepas ni noel ngan herny blasah u...haiyak!!!

Aizan Suhaira said...

Shahril: Yeah. A decent trainer is definitely very hard to find. It's not easy to get the whole package: Knowledgeable, Professional, Approachable, Affordable (?).

And I agree also that word of mouth is one of the more reliable way to source for a good trainer.

Ash: Hahaha.. wasn't actually trying to ruffle anyone's feathers. I'm just telling my point of view ;)