Sunday, May 8, 2011

Sunday morning thoughts

It's a beautiful morning over here in my part of town. What better way to celebrate the day than to nip out for a quick breakfast? So went out I did and it was heartening to see my neighbours already out and about at the playground exercising.

There's this one particular neighbour of mine who religiously jogs every single day. When I come home from work, there she is running round the playground doing countless laps. There she was again this morning, running laps as usual.

She's definitely not overweight, I can tell you that. If people were to calculate her BMI (which personally I think is a dumb way to measure whether you're fat or not), her weight would fall into the ideal range. Yet, she has no definition to her body. Skinny legs. Skinny arms. Whimpy back. No ass.

No doubt she could outrun me at any given time. But I'm fairly confident I can beat her in everything else. And more importantly, I have a hotter body (please exclude boobs when making the judgment call.... every woman in town has bigger boobs than mine. That part of my body seems to think I am still in my pre-adolescent years).

Takeaway message: ladies, if you wanna have a hot looking and functional body, throw in some weight training on top of those endless cardio sessions. Heck, concentrate more on weight training and redefine what you understand as 'cardio'.

Some would argue that running is good for you. Maybe it's true. But it is boring as heck. I'd rather do bodyweight + kettlebell combos, barbell complexes, sprints, and farmer carries rather than run laps. So there. Pbthhhh...

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