Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Love it! 10 x 10

My oh my. I can be very silly sometimes. Imagine going to the gym only to discover that you forgot to put your workout programme printout into the gym bag. Sigh. And I was so looking forward to do some serious lifting today.

Fortunately for me, I actually brought an additional workout programme. Well to be honest, I was planning to use it as a finisher but since my forgetfulness got in the way, the finisher became the main workout.

But hey, I had fun! It was a fabulous workout especially when done with almost no rest in between sets. Made me look really bad ass crazy. Mwahahahahahah.... And in case you're wondering what was the workout routine I did, here it is. Another turbulence training classic.

Oh, by the way... all of the sets are done with 10lbs dumbbells.

  1. Bulgarian Split Squats - 10 per side
  2. Shoulder press - 10 times
  3. Step ups - 10 per side
  4. Chest Press - 10 times
  5. Dumbbell Rows - 10 times
  6. Lunges - 10 per side
  7. Dumbbell Swings - 10 times
  8. Shrugs - 10 times
  9. Incline Press - 10 times
  10. Squats - 10 times
Below's the video, in case you're not sure of the moves. Enjoy!

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