Thursday, March 4, 2010

Body Redemption System

Fellow fitness blogger (albeit much much much more famous than yours truly) and certified personal trainer DailyMuscle (DM for short) has recently launched a brand new online product which he christened Body Redemption System (BRS). DM markets it mostly as a weight-loss programme although he did stress that it's not only useful for those trying to lose the excess fat but it also caters for those with different fitness objectives as well. Case in point: me. Trying valiantly to pack on muscles.

Anyway, I mentioned to DM that I have my doubts whether his programme would help me in my quest to gain weight. And guess what? DM has graciously given me access to his new product so that I can check out myself and review it on my humble little blog.

Yeah, DM's a great guy isn't he?

Anyway, BRS's objective is to actually focus on lifestyle change. The equation goes like this:

Healthy lifestyle = great looking body

Those who bought the BRS will receive a lesson a day for 31 days sent via e-mail in PDF format. I actually like this approach because impatient people like me would usually read through the whole thing in an hour or less and then nitpick at which lessons to follow and which to ignore.

By e-mailing us a lesson a day, we're more likely to really read through it and absorb the information more effectively. Well, at least that's what I think. Anyway, today I received lesson number 1. I'm not sure how I'm gonna review BRS yet. Perhaps on a weekly basis. Or maybe I'll make a full review once my 31 lessons are all e-mailed to me.

We'll see. For those interested on the BRS, check out DM's website or go to the BRS website.

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