Thursday, March 18, 2010

I Finally Bought It

After much contemplating, asking around to the point of being irritating, and further online research... earlier tonight I finally bought myself my first ever mass gainer. Okay, it's not really my first ever. Two years ago I bought Appeton's weight gain milk but it tasted horrendous and put me off weight gain supplements for a very long time.

But tonight I decided I should give mass gainers another go and chose to try out BSN's True Mass. Hence I brought home this big tub of strawberry powder. It has this sweet smell often associated with baking and I had my doubts whether it'll taste okay.

It tasted fabulous. A far cry from that horrible substance I tasted two years back. Now my post-workout nutrition is pretty much solved. Hmm... I am definitely gonna stock up on True Mass during fasting month. It's gonna make a good sahur meal, I reckon.

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