Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Omigod. What have you done?

This is Asia's first Biggest Loser. Lost a remarkable amount of weight, no doubt. But I bet there's not much muscle mass either. Skinny and frail, he looks so old and lethargic. I bet I can beat him in an arm-wrestling match. Hmm... is it just me or does he look better when he was overweight?

In an interview he said that he works out 8 hours a day on weekdays and 3 to 4 hours during weekends. And he hardly spends time with his girlfriend. On his birthday, his parents bought him cake but he did not take a single bite and ate fruit instead. Funny thing is, he said that his birthday sucked. Wow. What a big surprise.

The Biggest Loser is supposed to IMPROVE a person's lifestyle. Not turn you into some idiot who spends way too much time at the gym. Some contestants, like David here seem to forget that the reason they join the show is to lose weight. The reason why you want to lose weight is to have a better lifestyle. To be healthy enough and have more energy to spend time with your loved ones.

Unfortunately, David didn't seem to think so. 8 hours a day working out??? WTF??? Are you out of your freaking mind? All you'd do is damage your body; not make it stronger. That's what you get when you crown the biggest loser based on total kilos lost, and not percentage of fat loss.

I've a feeling David's gonna gain all the kilos he lost pretty quickly. Or he'll turn into a neurotic anorexic working out 12 hours at the gym like a man possessed. Either way, he's screwed. Unless he gets a proper trainer who will teach him the correct way of attaining and maintaining a proper body,

Carlo should've won.


FatLouie said...

OMFG!! He DOES look really un-healthy. Definitely and totally different than those in BL-USA. At least I can see some muscle mass from USA contestants. This is sick man. No wonder I never watch the show. Can somebody just tell the producer to either improve the show or just quit it?

They are giving all the wrong infos to the public man! Geez!

Totally agreed with u on the Carlo part.

HLiza said...

He looked aneroxic! I feel sad for him..he lost the quality of life together with those kilos.

Rajan said...

He is defintiely going to put all the weight back on. it seems to me that he was obsessed with just winning... now that that is out of the way, he no longer has any other motivation to do so.

He looks like a drug addict.... and the birthday thing is just sad.