Monday, March 1, 2010

Feels so good!

Went out with a bunch of friends tonight. The weather's been scorching so we decided to have dinner by the lake which also happened to have a monkey bar. I haven't been working out for some time. Bronchitis the culprit this time. So I stayed away from weights and focused on feeling 'normal' again.

But the monkey bar beckoned me. So I went and did a few pull-ups which left my friends - two of them 7 years my junior, one of them a regular gym-goer very impressed. They couldn't do a single pull-up. Not just yet, anyway. I'm sure if they knew the right technique they could also do pull-ups in no time.

But heck. It sure felt good trumping people much younger than me. Yes, this old lass still has it. Anyway, I learnt how to do pull-ups by watching the video below. Start from inverted rows. From there, you can progress to chin-ups and pull-ups pretty quickly, I reckon. Good luck!

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FatLouie said...

I'm still at inverted row stage. uhuhuhh~~ :( great job Aizan!

So it's true then. My ex-trainer said that he wanna make sure that I can do pull-ups by the end of my training session with him (12 sessions). He said to start with inverted rows. But he didn't manage to finish the sessions with me coz he has to move to other branch last minute. That's why I'm left with inverted row punya stage saja lar...hehehehe