Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Minimalist Gym

I arrived at the office very early this morning, as it is the case almost every morning. So, just to settle down before I start my day, I visited several fitness blogs as is my morning ritual. I went to Jason Ferruggia's blog first and he had a new post up on living a minimalist lifestyle.

I'm fairly certain I will not be able to pull a Fight Club and get rid of my worldly belongings. But I agreed wholeheartedly when he wrote that people nowadays are too caught up with fancy gym equipment when you do not need that much to stay fit.

Like I've written many times before, I quit the gym when I realized that I didn't need that many equipment to stay fit PLUS I already have the drive and determination to keep to my training schedule.

According to Mr. Ferruggia, he would just need the items below in his gym to get a complete workout. Let's see how many of the stuff he listed has already been acquired by yours truly, shall we?

  • Dumbbells (check!)
  • Straps or rings (I have a TRX. Good enough. Check!)
  • Chinup bar (check!)
  • Barbell and plates (check!)
  • Squat stands (I want one of these badboys... in my wishlist for now)
  • Dip bars (I have a pair of dining chairs. So... check!)
  • Weighted vest (I don't need these yet. KIV)
  • Kettlebells (in the process of getting one)

So yeah! My gym is pretty solid. How about you? Care to share what toys you keep at home? (And please, I'm not talking about the naughty ones you keep in your bedside drawer).


SSQuo said...

heya- pls add me on sarojseq@gmail.com

Matter of gray gal - merci!

KevL said...

I have a chin-up bar and a pair of 6kg dumbbells that were bought almost 2 years ago. Will put the dumbells to use when my pull up/chin up improve.

What I want:

- Power rack for squats, benchpress and possibly deadlift! (or at least find the right tools to set-up a DIY one. Remember what we saw from Kirksman in DM Forums?)

- Barbell and plates!

- Bench. Just a flat, sturdy, wooden one will do, but I'd bench on the ground if I have to.

Heck, I'd even trade away my bed in exchange for the space for a power rack, barbell and plates.

FatLouie said...

awww..bench was not in the list?? and guess what Aizan? My cousin has moved out and he's bringing his dumbells together. But of coz it was his. So now I'm left with no dumbells. huhuuhh.. how sad. But Herny said we can always do other exercises without dumbells. :) We'll see about that.

All in all, I think I've got only 3 out of 8 items listed there. Hmmm...... but I dont want squat stands. Taking too much of my already small-cramped-up place, tho won't mind to have one if I have the space. :p

Aizan Suhaira said...

Kev: Aiyoohh.. don't la sacrifice the bed. For your body to develop it needs to rest well. how can you rest well when you keep banging on the barbell when you're sleeping?

Adeline: Yeah, no DB also can. Going back to JB this weekend. I'm gonna concentrate on bodyweight stuff.