Saturday, November 6, 2010

The Predicament

I'm back in my hometown for the long weekend and yesterday I went to the mall with my mom and sis. My sis wanted to look for a stability ball so she can do some basic workout in her apartment when she can't find the time to go to the gym.

So we went to good old Jaya Jusco and bought one and then we proceeded to window shop. And whilst window shopping we found a Fitness Concept store. I couldn't resist and proceeded to step in. In my mind I wanted to survey the price of a pair of 5kg plates.

Doing dumbbell floor presses using a pair of 10kg dumbbells are becoming a bit too easy for me. I'm also running out of plates to add onto my barbell for me to do deadlifts. So a pair of 5kg plates are actually a good investment at this point of time... until I get stronger (hopefully very soon) and need to get more plates for my collection.

The ever practical, but Plain Jane weight plate

But right next to the plates were these nice colourful kettlebells of a variety of weights. I proceeded to play around with them. Doing some swings. Tried a few snatches. Damn it was addictive. I was actually sweating a bit and the salesguy, having grown tired of being completely ignored, left me alone to my devices.

The 8kg dumbbell was pretty decent. It was not too heavy. But not too light either. Perfect for some quick conditioning work. Right in front of the TV. While watching the latest episode of How I Met Your Mother.

The sexy and fun kettlebell

And therein lies my predicament. To get the more practical pair of 5kg plates or the ever so sexy kettlebell? Ahh.. the choice is clear after I've written this post. I'll buy the plates first. And next month I shall buy the kettlebell.

Dum di dum di dum di dum... I love adding to my home gym collection.

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