Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Still not feeling top notch. Haven't taken ventolin in quite a while and I've been taking it each night this past few days. Not good at all. Went to the clinic today. Complained about the asthma induced eczema and had to endure two jabs. Two! Ughhh...

Anyway, I still trained tonight since I always feel better when I train. Believe it or not... I only did deadlifts and nothing else. Too lazy to do anything else. I gassed out quickly even though I think I've eaten sufficiently.

This was pretty much it:

20kg x 8 reps (warmup) - easy
30kg x 8 reps - still easy
40kg x 8 reps - yep, still easy
50kg x 5 reps - just nice (I could do more reps but again, I felt lazy)
60kg x 5 reps - challenging
70kg - didn't budge. Hahaha...
65kg x 2 reps - again..I could do more but decided to back down
65kg x 1 rep - tried to do a second rep but gassed out

I really thought I could hit 70kg tonight. I guess it's just not my night.


KevL said...

I know you've recently read J.F's post on excuses, but really, some of his points are bull. You really should be resting while you're sick.

More rest = faster recovery = sooner you'd get to train at full strength = better gains.

Put your body through more stress through sick times and you'd take longer to recover, especially when you're trying to hit a new PR. The reason you've gassed out is because you are sick. It doesn't matter even if you eat sufficiently, you will still gas out.

'Train hard or go home' does not apply for every instances, and this is one of them.

I'm sorry but I've just got to voice out as I see that you're putting more stress than you already have being sick. I know that it's frustrating that you ended up being sick and it affects your performance, hindering you from improvements; we've all been there before but really. Rest well, and you'll come back stronger than ever.

Aizan Suhaira said...

Kev: I appreciate your concern. But...

1. Give me some credit. I'm not stupid. I know when to lay off and when to crank it up. I was sick enough to lay off training over the weekend. And I know I'm well enough to start training again these past few days. You'll naturally feel week after a bout of sickness. And this is the phase when I gradually regain my full strength back.

2. Just because a person doesn't agree with what Jason has to say, doesn't mean that that person is right all the time. And doesn't mean Jason is right all the time either. Again. The brain is there for a reason. Take the pointers that are suitable, and research the pointers that are questionable. That's how you learn. I'm the last person who would advocate blind hero-worship.

Again, I'm the best person to know how my body works. When I can put stress on it. When to give it a good rest. And it must be working because I feel really good this morning after sweating it out last night.