Wednesday, January 26, 2011

PTs and their role in motivating clients. Hmm.

So Adeline and I were discussing about personal trainers. Both of us have entertained the thought of becoming trainers but unlike Adeline, I have some reservations.

Adeline says that it is the PT's job to motivate clients. I say that motivation comes from within and the PT is there to lead the client to the right direction.

I agree that even the best of us needs a bit of prodding. But I've also seen those who give excuse after stupid excuse on why they can't exercise. Most of the time, it's because of the lack of... well, time.

So I sent them a few links that show that you could still get a good workout in 15 minutes tops.

Then they say that they don't have a dumbbell at home.

So I provided them with some bodyweight moves that they could substitute the dumbbell exercises with.

And then they say.. "well, I'll think about it."

See what I mean. A person who wants to change his lifestyle will go through hell and back to make sure that things go the way he wants it. This person is internally motivated.

A person who doesn't have the burning desire or a profound reason to change will NOT change even if everything that could help him make the change happen is right in front of his eyes.

So yeah. I have no interest being a trainer to those who have no internal motivation. I'll just stick to my day job. Thank you very much.

p/s My buddy Adeline has been wondering whether a woman PT could make it in the industry. What's your take on it and why?

Looking forward to hear from you guys.


FatLouie said...

I think it could be because ur advice is free that makes them dont appreciate u. Hiring a pt is not cheap nowadays. So, the first thing to see if the clients are motivated is by approaching pt and hire them. I think they are 50%, and i quote, internally motivated. The rest 50% depends on pt on how to push them further and make sure that they see results so that they'll get motivated and come back for more. (so many 'motivated' words in 1 sentence hehe) at least that's what happened to me. I think if u start charging them on ur advice i bet they'll do what u said. Friends never listen to friends. They listen to strangers.

Aizan Suhaira said...

You are definitely right when you say that friends will not listen to what friends say but will listen to someone they paid for.

Money is a motivational factor too.

Haihhh.. I wish I was as optimistic as you. But having high expectations from others is a 'weakness' of mine I guess.

FatLouie said...

I've friends who asked me also. How to get 6 pack, or nak perut kempis and stuffs like that. But I didn't go thru all the hassle and email them on articles or workouts that work for them, coz I know, if they themselves want more, they'll keep on asking for more. Then i'll know if they're worth my time and advise.

I have high expectations on others too. Of course I wish that they listen to what I said, but if they can't help themselves, who are we to help them? Most of the time, when they start saying, "I got no time lah." then I'll end my sentence this way : Then I also cannot help you.