Thursday, January 27, 2011

Kettlebell: Good or Bad?

Confession: I haven't bought my kettlebell yet. Yes, I know I've been meaning to buy one for ages but poo happens and my money had to be allocated elsewhere. Truth of the matter is, purchasing a kettlebell is way way down on my Need List. So it has to wait.

Also, this year I plan to attend kettlebell classes. Just to learn the proper technique of using one. And, as much as I admire Jillian Michaels her form in the clip below is really bad that even someone who has not trained with a kettlebell like myself knows that something is wrong. Really wrong.

So what's with my obsession with the kettlebell? It's not an obsession, really. I just want to learn something new. I want to know what the brouhaha about this cannonball with a handle is all about. Is it really what it's made out to be? Or is it just a glorified ball of iron?

That's what I'd like to find out.

But having said that, I think the kettlebell is a cool tool to have if you're a trainer who'd like to incorporate a bit of strength training for their clients. You're all set with a few kettlebells in the trunk. No need to look for a gym.

But I reckon it's only suitable for clients that are new to strength training. A kettlebell will be much less intimidating than a barbell. But nothing beats a barbell though. It's essential for anyone who's looking to gain some considerable strength.

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