Sunday, April 25, 2010

Body Redemption System - the review

Okay, okay. First and foremost I've to apologize as I know this review is long, looong overdue. I've been crazy busy. Or when I'm not crazy busy I'll make myself crazy busy by partying like crazy. But I'm digressing.

Alright, so what is the Body Redemption System (BRS) all about? The product's objective is basically lifestyle change. It teaches a person what kind of habits to instill and what kind of habits to get rid of for good. I especially like when it discusses the people you should surround yourself with. This I feel strongly about because most of us are very much influenced by the people we mingle with. The wrong people could do more damage to your health than you can possibly imagine.

In a nutshell, the BRS covers these areas:

1. Habits
2. Diet
3. Supplements
4. Workout

My verdict: This programme is VERY VERY good especially for those who are just embarking on a healthier lifestyle. Often, those who are just starting are bombarded with crazy information. The BRS sets the record straight and you know it's no bullsh*t info when it comes from DM.

This programme is still a good addition to the libraries of the more experienced fitness enthusiasts as we also sometimes get sucked into believing some crazy sh*t. Most times, the simplest things are often the most effective and the BRS is a good way to keep us on track.

So yeah, go get yourselves the BRS. I think DM is still having that 50% off offer going on.

p/s I also like the way DM summarizes the Lessons for the Day in the e-mails. So super busy people can have a rough idea what the lesson entails. And there are a few cool bonuses in the BRS. Go check it out yourselves!

p/p/s I don't get any commission for writing this review. This blog remains a non-profit organization. :P

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