Friday, April 16, 2010

I Hate Running

One of the things which I had to do at the Pushmore trial workout was running. I ran around the block twice as part of the warm up regime. While I didn't 'cheat' and slow down and/or stop to catch my breath, it didn't mean that I enjoyed it.

Far from it.

Even during school days, I hate long distance running. I'm always the last one to complete the 1500 metre run which was one of the requirements to 'pass' pendidikan jasmani those days. I loved 100 metre sprints though.

During school and uni times I was quite the active kid. I joined the taekwondo club in school and during uni I played hockey. And when I think of it, none of these activities required me to have the kind of endurance a long distance runner needs.

Sparring was 3 minutes per round. Burst of energy for three minutes and then you rest. Then you go for the second and third round. Even for hockey, you don't really run all the time. It's just light jogs here and there. And short bursts of sprinting as and when needed.

No long distance running there either. Fine, some of you may say I'm just making up excuses for the things I don't like to do. But seriously, I hate running. HATE it. It hurts my joints. It hurts my hamstring.

And my heart rate goes up all the same by doing jumping jacks, which I think is way more dynamic and less strenuous on the joints compared to running.

Just my 2 sen.

P/S I don't admire a long distance runner's physique.


HLiza said...

I actually prefer running to other exercises simply because it's a no-brainer..I'm always the last in races too at teacher always said..sayang kaki panjang tak kuat hu.

Michelle said...

Yeah.. I hear you. I hate running too. Can't run for my life now even when I'm in much better shape when I was much younger.

Aizan Suhaira said...

Hliza: Yeah, I know you love to run. I guess it's better than not doing any exercise at all.

Michelle: I think I can run faster and further now compared to last time. But I just hate it. HATE it!!!