Saturday, April 24, 2010

I Hate Asthma

When you have a history of asthma, weather changes are pretty much your biggest enemy. This is what I've learnt along the years. Thankfully, my asthma attacks are very few and far in between as I grow older but when it comes knocking, more often than not, it overstays its welcome.

It always, ALWAYS starts with a sore throat. And then it becomes much worse. Doctors who do not know my history will just prescribe some stupid throat lozenges and antibiotics that never ever works. Luckily for me, I have a good doctor who is very well versed of my ailment and gives me medications that helps prevent my sore throat from becoming a full blown asthma attack.

This time however, the asthma still came although it's pretty mild compared to the onslaughts that I've experienced before. But then again, I was foolish enough to miss taking my medications. The result? I missed a few training sessions which frustrates me to no end. Today however, I decided to train nevertheless.

I was apprehensive at first; afraid that I'll have breathing problems and pass out and/or die on my living room floor. Obviously, I didn't. And interestingly, I feel so much better after training. I got some sweat out. And training forces me to breathe more heavily and that somehow lightens my heavy chest.

But I'm significantly weaker though. I barely managed doing dumbbell curls (7.5kg) and felt like crying when trying to complete my sets of dumbbell stepups (7.5kg). Aizan however, is no quitter. No sirree. I finished all my sets. Utterly exhausted, but utterly satisfied.

I'm praying hard and trying to take care of myself better so I'll be in optimum condition when starting my Foundation Series training at Pushmore this Tuesday.

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