Tuesday, April 20, 2010


I trained a friend for the first time a few days ago. There's a gym at the apartment where she's staying and she asked me to come along for a workout. I had better ideas.

I nicked a beginner's Turbulence Training programme and got her to execute it. Her aim is to lose fat. So this was what I had her do:

2 sets of these:

Bodyweight squats x10
Half/Kneeling pushups x10
Prone stickups x10

She was already sweating a bit after the warmup. The main course went like this:

Workout (2 sets of these)
1a) Lying hip extensions x8
1b) Plank x15 seconds

2a)Bodyweight squats x10
2b)Bird dog x5 per side

3a)Kneeling pushups x8
3b)Side plank x5 seconds each side

4a)Stickups x10
4b)Mountain climbers x10 each leg

After helping her on her workout I did my own. And while I was doing my workout, my friend disappeared for a bit. I thought she went to buy herself a drink. When she reappeared, she told me she went to the ladies to puke.

I was a bit dumbfounded because I was certain the workouts weren't too intensive. She was puzzled as well as she herself said that while it was tough, it wasn't intensely tough. And she liked the fact that she doesn't have to actually go to the gym to do the workouts I had her do.

Hopefully, after doing it a few times more she'll get used to it. Then we can move on to something more brutal and fun. Mwahahahahahaha...


Michelle said...

When I first started on some sort of workout ala TT style, I was like your friend. I could hardly breathe and was dizzy and ready to puke. The mountain climbers was soooo... difficult and my stomach was ready to turn over. So I kinda understand what she meant and felt.
Now, intense 30/30 intervals gets me ready to turn over my last meal.
I am a bigger sissy than you Aizan!

FatLouie said...

why ppl puke? too intense workout? didn't eat anything? even DM said he puke before too......

Aizan Suhaira said...

Michelle: I don't think you're a sissy at all. A bigger sissy is someone who doesn't even try to change their lifestyle for the better.

Adeline: I think it's food intake, or lack of food intake. My friend said she didn't take breakfast.. just had coffee and a few biscuit... which frustrates me when I've already told her to eat something before working out. Haih...