Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Muscle Gaining Secrets - Phase 1

Phew! I know it's been a while since I've updated this blog but life's been a bit busy, in a good way. The great thing is, as busy as I am I managed to complete all 3 workouts for the week. For those still not in the know, I've just started on Jay Ferruggia's MGS programme a few days ago.

The good man wasn't kidding with his claim of 'maximum mass in minimum time'.

Before I started on his programme, naturally I studied the training manual first. At least I won't have to start googling for instructions for certain moves during training. Get this. Each training session only consists of 4 moves. That's it. I thought this was gonna be easy.

And then I started the training for real. 30 minutes was all it took. And I was sweating and grunting and spewing expletives. Just the way a training session should be (well, at least for me it should be that way).

The next day I didn't feel too sore. The body recovers quickly which means that I can start my next training. Mr. Ferruggia mentioned that for hardgainers (that's me), it is best to train frequently (3 days per week is ideal) therefore the body must be able to recover quickly for the next session.

I don't wanna risk misquoting the good man, so I think it's best if you guys head on down to his blog. Like Mr. Ballantyne, Mr. Ferruggia is very generous when it comes to imparting knowledge. His blog is choc full of great info. Go check it out yourself!

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