Monday, April 12, 2010

Pushmore! Makes you push more and more

Loser = all talk and no action.
Shamed by Adeline who took action and went to Pushmore to get herself tortured, I finally followed suit tonight. Went to Pushmore I did, and got tortured I did. Ain't gonna write much. This was what I was made to do:

Warm Up:
Light jog around the block x 2 rounds

3 rounds of these:
Bodyweight squats x 10
Situps x 10
Figure 8 x 10
Pushups x 10
Jumping pullups x 10
Hip flexors 15 seconds each leg

Main Workout:
As many sets of these that you can do in 10 minutes:

Jumping pullups x 5
Pushups x 10
Bodyweight squats x 15

I only managed to do 6.5 sets, with the 0.5 consisting of 5 jumping pullups and 10 pushups. Fine, I'll admit it. I am a sissy. Overall, I think Pushmore is a great place where only serious people come for training. You don't see bimbos and jimbos on the phone hogging machines while trying to look cute. Wait, there are no machines at Pushmore. They only use free weights. And I think that is a major plus point. Okay, let me summarize what I like and don't like about Pushmore:

I like
1. Friendly trainers who know what they're talking about
2. Cute guys galore
3. Workout of the day concept - different workout each day, so you won't get bored
4. Time limit for the workouts (like I said, they do know what they're doing)
5. Did I mention the cute guys?
6. No hardselling. I come in for the trial. I finish my workout. I can go home. It's not like commercial gyms where they harrass you until you sign up and be made to shed cash for 24 months. I guess that way they can 'filter' serious applicants and those who aren't.

I don't like
1. ... the fact that the warm-up is a bit too strenuous. By the time I got to the main workout I'm already a bit drained. I think the warmups should be shorter and less intense. A warmup after all, serves only to 'oil the grooves' for the main workout. Okay, maybe this sounds like an excuse, but I think I would've done much better in the main workout if the warmup wasn't so tiring.
2. ... the fact that there were situps in the warmup. If you've read my blog long enough, you'd know I detest this move.

That's it. All in all Pushmore is fabulous. As you can obviously see, the pros definitely outweigh the cons. I think I'm gonna join their introductory classes (there are 3 classes) and shell out RM150 for them. And then I'll decide whether I'll join them as a member.

Time will tell.

Oi Adeline. I've updated my blog. Happy now? Hehehehhehe....


FatLouie said...

kekeke...they made u run around the block twice. kkekeke...i tak kene on my trial workout. Lucky me.

But u did great!! I did only 6 sets on my very first time. U did 6.5!

I have to agree with u on the pros. They don't hardsell coz they know they have the "quality" to train ppl to be fitter, faster and stronger.

I wanna add 1 con in ur list. Do u notice most of the lady trainers aren't that tone & lean? God. I hope they didn't see me write this. But I have to admit that they are definitely so much stronger. Except that I don't understand why they are not lean. Not like what I saw in youtube. My cousin actually said that she's not convinced when she saw their pics. The lady trainers I mean. Why ya?

Anyway, great job!

FatLouie said...

Seconded to "I like no. 2 and 5". These guys are soooo much ripped and lean compare to those I see at the gym. Now this is what I call "Quality" guys! *wink*

Aizan Suhaira said...

Hmm..personally I think the lady trainers are pretty fit. Maybe my standards have been lowered because of the chubby trainers that were rampant at the gym I used to go to.

Oh the boys! the boys!!! ngeeeee...

What about the warmup, Adeline? What do you think about it? Do you agree that it's too strenuous or am I just a sissy?

FatLouie said...

The warm-up part on light jog, to me, is a bit too much. Gotta agree with u. But I usually start off with skipping for a while, then do the 3 rounds of warm-up workout.

I still feel ok after the warm-up. Maybe u r not used to it?

Got chance I'll show u which lady trainer doesn't really impress me. bad lah me....

ya....the boys....ooohh!!

Aizan Suhaira said...

Yeah, I think it was the jogging that left me winded. I usually warm up by doing jumping jacks, some pushups, squats and prone stickups.

FatLouie said... you know Jon read your review?

your warm up also quite hardcore. hehe...after reading ur warm up regime, I don't even want to tell you what I do for my warm up (during gym times) hahaha..