Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sexy back

Men. Life would be boring without them. Me, I've always gone for the big and tall kind. Most probably because I'm in the petite category. So having a big strong guy kind of makes me feel safe and protected.

While a lot of women go gaga over men with big arms and washboard abs, I've always liked men with broad shoulders and a powerful upper back. These kind of guys have always... ehem... turned me on. So if you see me with a pathetic silly grin plastered on my face, you can be sure that I've spotted a big and tall guy with broad, muscular shoulders.

And seriously, I don't like men with massive pecs. I mean, having a muscular chest is always a big bonus but if they're too huge, it doesn't look attractive. At least to me it doesn't. They're still man-boobs in my opinion.

But don't start dissing me, guys. It's only one woman's opinion.

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