Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Pushmore Foundation Series - Lesson 1

Tonight was Lesson 1 of the Foundation Series and it entails the intricacies of various squats. Got to know from Adeline beforehand that it would be squats for Day One so I was looking forward to it. Squats are something I did not quite get the hang of. It's not easy when you learn how to execute the proper form through YouTube and articles that describe in text what proper squat form looks and feels like.

So poyo was I that I came to class an hour early. Okay, I came early not because I was poyo but I hate being late plus the traffic was horrible due to the rain. So yeah, turns out that I was early. Waaayyyy early.

Anyway, I learnt three types of squats today:
1. Air squat aka bodyweight squat
2. Front squat
3. Overhead squat

I think the RM150 I shelled out is a good investment so far as I was able to learn the proper way of squatting and have someone spot my form for errors. And dare I say I passed with flying colours for the first lesson? Hmmm...

Anyway, after the lesson we had a mini challenge workout where you need to do air squats for 20 seconds and hold the bottom position for 10 seconds. Repeat the process for 4 minutes. Sounds simple, yeah? Left my legs burning like crazy.

Tomorrow is lesson number 2. Can't wait!

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FatLouie said...

see? told u u wont regret it. Now you are a pushmore addict! welcome welcome!