Thursday, May 20, 2010

Home Gym Addition: Barbell

Me thinks it's high time that I start working out using a barbell instead of using dumbbells and bodyweight only. Attending the Foundation Series at Pushmore has given me a bit of confidence in training with the barbell.

The cost is of course, a hindrance. Barbells don't come cheap. And plates are expensive too. But I was thinking of buying a barbell only and fix the weights from my adjustable dumbbells to the barbell. If I'm not mistaken the diameter for the dumbbell and barbell is the same.

Isn't it?

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FatLouie said...

wei...really? but where to put the barbell? i want to have barbell too... but i dun have the stand. the stand at pushmore is quite good, since it saves space, compare to those squat racks at the gym. correcto? I mean, to do squats, you'll definitely need the stand right? takkan put on floor?