Friday, May 14, 2010

Of sweet nothings...

It was a day that would forever live in infamy. Like the Devil who promised sweet nothings in exchange for your soul. One peaceful morning I walked into the office pantry and what do I see? A drinks machine. You know, the kind that spews out coffee, tea, milo and what not all at a press of a button.

Egad! There it is, the beginning of the end. There will be many office mates who will be high on sugar, fat and cholestrol after this. Higher than normal. Previously, there was a bit of labour required when you wanna make drinks at the office.

Open the cupboard, take out the jar of tea/coffee. Then take out the jar of sugar. And perhaps then look for the creamer. Add boiling water. Stir. Drink is prepared. Now, it's just press and spew. Press and spew.

With shame that I confess that I too fell for the Devil's charm. But now that I've realized how badly that I've treated myself, I returned to the ever faithful green tea that sat quietly in the drawer, waiting for me to come to my senses.

And came to my senses I did. I am sorry Green Tea. I will never leave you again.

1 comment:

FatLouie said...

To summarize, all tasty food are fattening. Period.

But I can't survive a day without nescafe. A must. How? hehehe....