Thursday, May 6, 2010

Stuff for Home Gym

Okay fine. I still haven't bought my bench yet. Not because I'm short on cash. I just can't bear to part with my cash is all. Due to my Scrooge-like tendencies I scoured the internet for cheap alternatives for a dip station. Through my web exploration, I discovered this gem of a clip. Gives quite a few ideas on how to make stuff on the cheap. Those with some decent DIY skills should be able to construct these stuff quite easily.

Me? My dip station is currently a pair of chairs. Which is sufficient. Enough said.

And I discovered that Fitness Concept sells 'powerbells' which are basically adjustable kettlebells. I was pretty excited about it. Until I saw the price. Have an extra RM500 to spare? The powerbell is yours for the taking. It carries a maximum weight of 20lbs, by the way.


HLiza said...'s not cheap huh..pengsan jap..

Aizan Suhaira said...

Itulah.... naik bulu roma masa tgk price tag.

FatLouie said...

I love the powerbells...but like u said, expensive. argghh... geram! anywhere else to get cheaper kettlebell?