Saturday, May 15, 2010

The weighting game

Maybe I'm just paranoid. Or it's purely psychological. But I think my body doesn't allow me to breach a weight of above 47kg. Whenever I reach 48kg and my clothes feel tight (but in all the right places) I start falling sick. Fever, flu, sore throat. The whole motley crew.

At first I thought it's just me not taking care of myself better. But it does surprise me that I keep falling sick whenever I hit the 48kg mark. Is that my body's defence mechanism of sorts? Of not allowing me to gain weight?

Maybe I should just settle for 47kg. I'm 47kg now (in case you haven't guessed). But a good 47kg. I'm stronger. I look good. I have decent muscle tone although I'd kill to have a body like Jillian Michaels. I can do full pushups when some so called men could only manage half pushups.

So I shouldn't gripe, should I?


FatLouie said...

come on...teach me how to train for FULL pull-ups. Right now, still the same "status" - half pull-ups only. how how how?

but so weird huh? U can't gain weight.....hhhmmmm gain weight jer terus sakit.... just maintain lah. what to do kan?

Aizan Suhaira said...

It took me a long while to be able to do a single full pull-ups. Until now I can do only 2 continuous pull-ups but I can do more of chin-ups, since it's easier.

Anyway, when I was still frequenting the gym, I used to do a lot of back exercises and I liked to hit that pull-up machine.

That's pretty much 2 years doing half pull-ups :P

Then when I started training at home I did half pull-ups by placing the pull-up bar mid-height (half the door's height).. and after that it pretty quickly progressed into a full pull up.

I guess we just need to strengthen our upper back first. Try doing inverted rows often. Once that feels like kacang goreng proceed to half pull-ups. You'll be able to do full pull-ups pretty soon after that, I reckon.

Rajan said...

Fat Louie: In addition to what Aizan recommended, may i recommend strength training for your biceps and shoulders. These 2 muscles play a key role in doing pull ups.

Strength training means using weights that only allow you to complete 6 reps or less. This trains your central nervous system to give you that boost in strength that you need.

As for the dreaded sticking points, isometric holds work best to overcome them.

Hope this info helps.

FatLouie said...

Rajan & Aizan, thanx so much for the info. I will try to train again, targetting my biceps and shoulders.

But Rajan, I don't quite understand your last sentence regarding isometric? dreaded sticking point?

Rajan said...

Fat Louie: Sticking point is when you lift yourself half way through the pull up and get stuck somewhere in the middle and cannot go up anymore.

To fix this, it is recommended you do isometric holds. Start at the top of the pull up and slowly lower yourself to that sticking point of yours. When you reach it, hold it there for as long as you can. Keep repeating this exercise and you will soon discover that you can pass the sticking point easily when you do pull ups. Another way is to lift yourself from the bottom up to the sticking point and then when you reach it, hold it as long as you can. Doing both of these helps to train your muscles to get stronger at that particular point (the sticking point) so you can overcome it.

For more tips, have a read on this article. Hope it helps you out.