Sunday, May 30, 2010

Yup, a barbell is on its way

I shall be adding a barbell with 5kg plates to my arsenal of home-gym equipment very soon. The damage? RM160. But I reasoned that it's only slightly more than a month's worth of gym membership.

Admittedly, 5kg plates are on the light side especially for deadlifts. Even after supplementing it with the weights from my pair of dumbbells, it would still be too light for me to do deadlifts. Alas, money doesn't grow on trees. If it does, we'll have a serious case of inflation on our hands. But that's a different story.

Anyway, back to the barbells. I was thinking how am I gonna do squats without a spotter because I obviously can't lift 20kilos off the floor and put it on my back. I'm not strong enough for that yet. And if I am strong enough for that, it means that the weights are too light for me so it's pointless anyway.

Adeline mentioned about getting a squat stand or a squat rack. Sigh... more money is required. I've seen some DIY stands and racks on the internet. They look sturdy enough. But I can't saw off a piece of wood cleanly even if my life depends on it. And why would I wanna saw off stuff anyway? I'd ruin my manicured nails (yes, that's the girly girl in me talking).

So, anyone wanna make a squat stand for me? Or sell them their used stuff at a steep discount? Anyone? No?


FatLouie said...

wah..good for you!!! :) wish I could buy BB .. but gotta wait lah. just got back from holiday. u buy from the forum that u showed me?

Aizan Suhaira said...

Yeah, I bought it from the forum guy. I'm heading for Phuket end of June so I dunno whether it was wise for me to buy the BB. But cannot tahan lah.. life feels incomplete without a BB. Anyway, I've already allocated the cash for my travels earlier this year. So I guess it's ok.

(I just bought a pair of sunglasses and a swimming suit. Damage was RM350 in total. Haiyaa... that one was totally not in my budget!).

Aizan Suhaira said...

Oh, forgot to tell you. One of the guys who participated in the advanced weight training course gave me contact details of a gym supplier who also brings in kettlebells. I already e-mailed the guy. Hopefully he'll give me a decent price for the KBs. I'll let you know nanti.

FatLouie said... cool...enjoy phuket ya. I wish I can go travel every month. hehehe... kan best tak yah keje?

ya. i feel the same too. incomplete without bb. hhhmmm.. i honestly prefer bb myself. at least, like u said, can do deadlift also, besides squats, which are my 2 fav workouts.

sunglasses and swimming suit at rm350? ok lah tu...i used up quite a lot too for bali. all those tube dresses and etc.

ya..let me know only the kb. but i still prefer bb than kb. :)