Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Admit it. Most of us have monetary limitations. Myself included. If I had the cash I'd get myself an olympic bar with as many weight plates as I desire. I'd get myself a power rack. A prowler. An array of kettlebells. The works.

Alas, cash is a constraint and we all have to improvise and/or make do with the stuff that we have. As I've written in an earlier post, I have recently bought myself a barbell. And while it is undoubtedly a fabulous addition to my modest home gym equipment, the lack of support equipment such as a weight bench and a squat stand makes it tough for me to use the barbell to its full potential.

Doing squats for example, is pretty dangerous when you can't place the barbell somewhere at shoulder level. Doing a heavy squat is almost impossible if you have to lift the weights from floor level. And because of this predicament I decided to look for alternatives to squat stand. And hence the dinner chairs as substitute.

I know, I know. There's only so much weight my pair of dinner chairs can handle. But until I can save RM1,600 for a squat stand or find a sturdier DIY squat stand, the chairs will have to do.

Oh, did I mention my trusted pair of dinner chairs also serve as my dip station? Talk about economical, eh>


FatLouie said...

hey nice!! tapi true, whatever you said about the weight of the chair, it's really kinda dangerous. eee... now u make me REALLY, like really wanna buy the BB. Gotta stretch my budget... argh!

But that BB looks really nice fitting into your home-gym collection! :) good job good job!

Aizan Suhaira said...

Ya lor what are you waiting for? Go get that barbell! I'm thinking of getting a pair of 10kg weight plates next month. And maybe the month after next I might get myself a kettlebell. But have to wait and see first lah.

FatLouie said...

nice nice... ok lah. I'll try tmr go FC and buy one. Don't want buy from that guy lah. Jauh....