Monday, July 5, 2010

Supplement Suppliers

Supplements. Expensive indeed. Unfortunately, if you want to build muscle or at least maintain the weight that you've painfully gained, it is a necessary evil. The best part is, it is not easy to get supplements on the cheap. The good news is, there are suppliers out there that do offer a decent price.

But first, let's look at the more commercial suppliers out there. I'm gonna use BSN True Mass as a point of reference to compare prices. Okay... first up:

1. Egonutritions - Price per tub of True Mass: MYR273
2. GNC Live Well - Price per tub of True Mass: MYR322.90

Pricey, huh? The good news is you can use a credit card to purchase your tub of protein. But unless you're in desperate need of protein but it's not yet the time of the month... would you really want to pay a premium for your supplemental requirements?

I've discovered a few other supplement supplier in the market that offer True Mass at a much much cheaper price. And here they are:

1. Fitnutritions - MYR200 + RM10 (Shipping fee) per tub of True Mass
I've gotten hold of the guy behind Fitnutritions several times via Facebook and he's a great chap who doesn't mind sharing what he knows about supplements. In fact, he was the one who recommended True Mass to me.

2. Supplement Zero - MYR210 (Inclusive of shipping) per tub of True Mass
Haven't yet bought from this site, but would definitely go here if Fitnutritions is out of True Mass since the price is exactly the same.

3. Supplement4U - Also selling True Mass for MYR210.

Much cheaper, don't you think? But the catch is you gotta pay cash. And thus I advise you to save your money accordingly when you know your supply of protein is running low.

P/S I did this survey because I want to share with my Malaysian readers in particular where you can get your supplements on the cheap. I am not paid any commission for writing this entry. If you know of other suppliers, do share as well!

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good comparison. You should do more. It's a touchy subject not many want to blog about or disclose cos everyone has their favourites... and sometimes.. 'their hands are tied' and unable to make a fair and just comparison like you just did.