Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Post Training Pains

After doing weight training exclusively for several months now I no longer feel anymore aches and pains post-training. The worst I would feel is just mild muscular aches but nothing major. Not until I wince when I climb down a set of stairs or trying to put a shirt on.

BUT... after a two-week hiatus from any kind of training, I am now feeling the aches and pains associated after a good training session. Why no training for two weeks? Well, I was supposed to take a week off from training of completing Phase 2 of Jason Ferruggia's MGS programme. And then I went to Phuket.

So yeah, no training whatsoever for 2 weeks.

Could it be that the long absence of any kind of torture made my body err.. complacent? (for lack of a better word). Or perhaps it was because I was feeling a bit under the weather when I started training? Maybe a combination of both?

Maybe it's that new barbell. Hmmm...

Oh well, these aches and pains will go away. And tomorrow I shall continue to train. Hooyaaa!!

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