Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Looming Ramadhan and Losing Muscle Mass

Would I be struck by lightning if I say that the month of Ramadhan is the bane of my existence? Okay, before you report me to a cleric and a fatwa is issued on me being an apostate or what not, I'd just like to clarify that while Ramadhan is one of the most enjoyable months, it is also the most challenging.

Challenging because I try so hard to gain weight all year long only to lose what I've achieved during the fasting month. How do I maintain or at least minimize muscle loss during that month-long period? What kinds of food should I take during sahur? What about when breaking fast?

Should I exercise or should I not? I'm pretty much addicted to weight lifting, a month going by without it is pure torture for me.

Your feedbacks/opinions/sharing of gripes (also known as bitching) are very much appreciated.


KuraKuraDiBawahCawanKaca said...

take a heavy sahur+minum air air banyak2.. then u boleh workout 2 hours before bukak puasa.. pastu boleh belasah protein shake ;)

maybe we should take it easier than usual.. i boleh hilang strength kalau stop workout for 1 month..


Rajan said...

Aizan: Some of my Muslim body builder friends usually do something like this.

Buka Puasa: Something light but high in sugar / carbs. Then workout within 30 minutes to an hour of eating this. Your workouts will be more like maintanence workouts... not full blown like usual...unless you can do it, then OK lah. But otherwise, just keep it to minimum.

After workout - Bantai nicely. Post workout, so its OK.

Sahur - Take as much lean protein as you can. Protein Shakes will be good too, but don't think thats enough to keep you full all day. So maybe add protein shake to your normal sahur meal.

Hope this info helps somewhat. :-)

Kasey Brown Fitness said...

I'm working on the post now Aizan. Wait a while longer... I'm brushing up a little on Ramadan to make sure I understand it, and the endocrinology associated with starvation.

Should be up in another day or so.

Kasey Brown Fitness said...
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