Sunday, July 25, 2010

What a JOKE!

This is a b*tching session about meal replacement powders. The ones that you're supposed to take in replace of a meal so that you can lose weight. Whoever was the person who invented the crap should be hanged and lynched. Why? Because it just teaches people to be lazier than they already are and gives the illusion that there's a shortcut to being slim.

What's the point of being slim if you're not fit, anyway? Do you really think being a twig is sexy? I have a colleague who religiously took MRPs for several months in preparation of the company's version of the biggest loser. She goes to the gym. But she doesn't take much proper food. She took the MRPs.

She won the contest. Then gained 6 kilos. Surprised? Nope.

Look, the only way you can lose and MAINTAIN a healthy weight is by having good eating habits. Not by cheating. Taking MRPs is just plain ridiculous and not to mention unnecessarily expensive.

There was another case of one of my blog readers who was approached by a lady who claimed that she can help him lose weight. The woman was selling Herbalife supplements. I did visit the link the blog reader gave me. I wanted to guffaw when I saw that she herself had some weight to lose. Talk about the blind leading the blind.

Wanna lose weight? Wanna be healthy? It's simple:

Good diet. Exercise.

No slimming pills, supplements, slimming centres necessary. I might get hate mail after this. But I couldn't care less. I stand by my convictions.


KuraKuraDiBawahCawanKaca said...

oohh hye.. finally.. jumpe jugak perempuan angkat besi ;)

Kasey Brown Fitness said...

While there's nothing wrong with slimming pills or supplements, there is definitely something wrong when these things are used IN PLACE OF sensible diet and exercise. You're 100% right about that.

In fact the word "supplement" means "to add on to", not "to completely replace".