Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Cheap Fuel

Okay, here's the deal folks. Ramping up your eating does not actually come cheap. Especially when you're the kind who doesn't cook. At all. AT ALL!! Now you may ask why the heck do I not cook? It's not that hard.

The answer is: Cooking is easy. The cleaning up is not. And hence I don't cook.

But the cost of eating out is skyrocketing and I need to resort to something that may resemble cooking. Now I know that microwave oven cooking is not ideal, but it's all I have and that is what I can use for the time being.

So... anyone can give me very simple, idiot-proof recipes for cooking protein-dense stuff in the nuke box?


KevL said...

Here's what I eat for lunch, sometimes, and it is TOTALLY idiot-proof:

Ayam Brand tuna in extra virgin olive oil tuna
- 17.1g of protein in half-a-can
- ~RM.4.60

Omega-3 eggs
- 6g of protein/whole egg
- ~RM4.60 a carton/RM7.99 for 2 cartons from Jusco

A loaf of gardenia wholemeal bread
- RM3

A serving lettuce/cabbage/japanese cucumbers
- don't know the price but these should cheap

In a meal:

half-a-can tuna + 2 scrambled eggs in a pot + 2 to 3 slices of wholemeal bread + a serving of greens
- >29g of protein
- <RM4/serving

This is sooo simple to prepare. You can just eat the tuna straight from the can itself, though I'd prefer to add some onions and heat it up beforehand. The can of tuna is split into 2 meals to save cost, as replacing the other half with 2 eggs is so much cheaper. Besides, a half-can of tuna itself has quite a lot of protein.

I'd eat at most 2 servings of the above meal a day, cause you'd want to go easy on the eggs, unless you go only with egg whites - if that's the case, it's perfectly fine.

If you have something against canned foods, do read the label. It does not contain any preservatives - it's perfectly fine to take it on a daily basis.

Aizan Suhaira said...

Kev: Thanks for the tips. I think I'm gonna go buy some Ayam brand tuna. I'll start slow and see how this goes.

Also gonna go ask the friendly Western food stall owner to grill some chicken breasts for me to tapau.