Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Detoxing a Junkie

So I took Monday off from work. And I rescheduled my training to Monday morning rather than Monday evening. But the trainer had better ideas.

"How about we train once in the morning and once in the evening. You okay with that?'

I have got to stop or at least control this 'anything goes' attitude. Predictably I said yes. So we trained in the morning. Very basic stuff: front squats (I'm getting so much better at front squats), deadlifts, lat pull downs (to work on my pull ups) and pronated grip bicep curls (also to assist on my pull ups).

I've to be honest... I was pretty worn out after the first training session and kind of dreaded the evening session. Heck, I was even taking a few minutes' nap in my car before stepping into the gym.

The evening session was quite tough. Maybe because I was already tired. It consisted of the benchpress and overhead press. Not too happy with my performance but perhaps I would've done better if I had more rest.

Anyway, there was no training on Tuesday and Wednesday (today). There was supposed to be training today but Kasey had some things to settle so he let me take today off as well. At first I felt glad that I didn't have to train today but then I felt the familiar jittery feeling I always get whenever I lay off training for a while.

It felt awkward not to try to 'conquer the bar'. I felt anxious. I felt like I was shrinking again. The rational mind tells me that it is ridiculous. But I still felt nervous and twitchy anyway. It's a very unsettling feeling.

Only two days and I'm a wreck. I wonder how I would feel when I have to take a week off.


Personal Trainer's Girlfriend said...

i feel the same way too on my rest day, i will be so restless. guess i just need to teach myself to relax.

just a question, it is necessary to take a one week off? (noob question i know). thx in advance :)

Aizan Suhaira said...

PTG: Everybody starts as a noob :)

Okay it's like this: In order to build muscles, your body needs to rest. During this resting period is when your muscles grow.

Which explains why in most cases, it is recommended that you train every other day.

There will come a point when you will overtrain. You'll feel all the classic symptoms e.g. not looking forward to exercise, feeling lethargic, cranky...

This is when you actually need to take a week off. Your body will have sufficient time to recover and you'll come back to the gym feeling better and stronger.

So there you go. Sorry if the answer gets you even more confused. I'm not a pro :P

A good exercise programme will incorporate 'overtraining' into it.

Personal Trainer's Girlfriend said...

thanks for the explanation! i have rest day twice a week, but never a one week off yet. now i know what i need to do when i start to overtrain :)

Kasey Brown Fitness said...
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