Wednesday, December 1, 2010

I Hate Running - Part III

I still do not enjoy running. But it's bearable now. That's actually an achievement for someone who avoids running like the plague. Put me on an elliptical machine, I can survive. Make me do rows, I might even enjoy it. Kettlebell swings? No problem.

Running? No sir. Running ain't for me. I'm not built for running. No I'm not.

But like I've mentioned before, you can do deadlifts till the cows come home but if you're as mobile as Robocop then what is the point? You wanna be fast like The Flash. Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee. You get the picture.

If Ryan Reynolds was The Flash I'd practice running just so I can chase him down. He is such a hottie. And that body? *speechless*

So Kasey being my trainer, have incorporated running sessions into my programme. Ughhh... The first running lesson was on a Sunday at 3pm. Like it wasn't bad enough that I had to run... I had to do it in the midday sun.

"The sun is good for you. It'll enhance your growth hormones."

Yeah, like Kal-El is my brother and Amun-Ra is my godfather.

Anyways, we started running and Kasey taught me how to do it in a way that'll make it less painful. Have you ever got stitches and your shins and ankles hurt like hell when you run? Well, Kasey fixed that.

The first running session was laborious to put it mildly. I was cussing like a sailor. But heck, I cuss like a sailor all the time. The day after the first session I still felt a bit of pain on my shins but I was pretty much pain-free after my second session (which was yesterday) and I was running again today.

That alone spoke volumes. When before it took me 7 days to recover from running, it then took me 3 days to recover and then it took me less than 24 hours. Like I said, I was running again the very next day.

Do I still hate running? No I don't. I don't like it either but if I avoided it at all costs before, I'm pretty much okay with the idea of running now. The technique Kasey taught me has enabled me to:

  1. Run without pain
  2. Use less effort for more distance

  3. How to move faster without too much additional effort

You'd be surprised on how so many things in fitness that are just technical skills more than anything else. Once you get the technique down pat, you would be amazed at how much progress you could achieve in a fairly short time.

So, anyone interested in learning how to run effectively?


Gym.Hodgson said...

Have you tried/thought about the 'POSE' style of running..?

sosevenjo said...

yes..i wanna know details..everytime i run, my back hurts like hell.

Kasey Brown Fitness said...
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Kasey Brown Fitness said...
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KevL said...

"Have you ever got stitches and your shins and ankles hurt like hell when you run?"

Nope. I'm trying to recall if I ever had any of those pains before.. also trying to imagine that I have some really painful shins right now but I couldn't because I've never had any of that before o.o

Guess I'm lucky. Oh and yeah, you'd recover soooo much faster when you make progress with running.

Aizan Suhaira said...

Gym.Hodgson; Yeah, I actually read about POSE from your blog a few days back. It's pretty much what Kasey has taught me. The vids are helpful but it can't beat having someone actually being there and guiding you.

Sosevenjo: I'm still new at running effectively. Maybe Kasey can help you.

Kev: You're naturally a good runner. You're like Forrest Gump. You can run and run and run and run... it's very admirable.

KevL said...

Nah, I'm not. I struggle too. I only get better because of one thing - conditioning. I'm still struggling though.. and I did poorly for my previous marathon..

ArsheedA said...

hahaha...babe!!! i just luv running (u knw me rite :P)and i run everyday!!! so bila ni nak lari bersama?

Aizan Suhaira said...

Kev: I think you're being too hard on yourself. Besides, you'll do better in your next marathon. Heck, running a marathon is an achievement in itself.

Ash: Don't want to run with you lah. You'll leave me so far behind.

Kasey Brown Fitness said...
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FatLouie said...

interesting video Kasey...

Aizan, hurry do up the running workshop already....

ArsheedA said...

Aizan! YWNRA @ You will never run alone....hahaha

Hey Kasey! looking forward to hear that from u ;)

Adeline!!! hey when is our workout session la beb??? shud i wait till nxt year? hihi